Slaanesh Sybarite Heroes in Warcry 2.0

Here is the first of a two part series on using and list-building with Slaanesh Sybarites in your games of Warcry with help from our special guest this week Lyla, or Mamma Slaanesh if you frequent the Warcry Discord. We start with a dive into the faction Heroes, what's good, what's not so good, and what you want to be taking.

Reaction and Shared Abilities

Shared Pain

Shared pain is the opposite of Counter, doing damage to your opponents on hits instead of misses. It's good for low toughness chaff that would otherwise die in one shot, allowing them to do some damage before your fighters leave the field. Counter is much better however, specifically with Myrmidesh, but there is the possibility to load out on Blissbrew Homonculus fighters to take advantage of the reaction.

Unrivalled Velocity

This double is a nice to buff to the speed of your movement 4 fighters. It's very good for treasure and objective missions and will usually be your go-to turn 1 ability where you can set up the rest of the game whilst there isn't so much action. 

Violence and Excess

Violence and Excess is good in that it offers an additional action to the hero if they have taken down an enemy fighter in that activation. However, as your Slaangor Slakehorn is primarily going to be using it's own double to get into combat most of the time and your other heroes (Egopomp, Painmaster, etc.) will mostly be using either Onslaught for more attacks or their own abilities, Violence and Excess is mainly relegated to being used by the Lord of Pain as he is the only other fighter with enough damage on his attacks to be able to kill chaff units in one hit, use the ability for a free move and then kill another.

The Good

Points per Wound Stat

Damage per attack calculated on a weighted damage average assuming 25% of fighters are D3, 50% are D4 and the rest are D5+; Graveguard are 12.7 as the most efficient unit in the game, Stormfiends are around 20, the skaven deathmaster is sitting at around 25. Anything less then 25 puts the fighter in the top 30% of all fighters in the game and are considered very efficient in terms of damage output vs the points you are investing

Symbaresh Egopomp/Myrmidesh Painmaster

Both are fine options if you want a cheaper hero for listbuilding purposes but overall the Painmaster, with it's toughness 5 and solid damage profile is probably the better pick despite the Egopomp's better strength.

Dance of the Wailing Blade vs Onslaught

  • Wailing Blade – 8.33
  • Onslaught – 7.5
  • Double Attack (WB) – 16.66
  • Double Attack (Ons) – 15

Single attack: always use wailing blade over onslaught.

Slickblade Hunter-Seeker

The Hunter-Seeker, whilst not being the toughest fighter in the warband makes up for it with the movement of 10, Sybarite movement ability and 2" range to give a very impressive 15" threat range. The speed and 25 wounds makes this fighter an ideal treasure carrier and is probably best compared to the Dreadblade Harrow out of Nighthaunt for it's uses. 205 points is not a lot to pay for an in-faction very mobile chaff killer/objective grabber so if this is the niche that  you are looking to fill, the Hunter-Seeker is a fine choice.

The Bad

Blissbarb Seeker High Tempter and Hellreaver with Claw-Spear

Due to the in-faction Movement double there isn't so much of a need for a fast, overly fragile hero when you can spend on either the Egopomp or Painbringer. These fighters are also sitting in the points range of the aforementioned Hunter-Seeker but unfortunately don't bring anything new to the table in terms of utility. 

Slakehorn vs Lord of Pain

For the points you are paying, the Slaangor Slakehorn is easily the best hero in the warband. It's double; Slaves to Impulse is a free move action which is always very valuable and significantly boosts it's damage profile. Whilst not the toughest fighter at only 25 wounds and toughness 4, the high damage profile is more then enough for it to pull its weight on the battlefield.

Personally I am a fan of the Lord of Pain. It's got a similar damage profile to the Slake-Horn and whilst it doesn't have the extra movement double, it does have Strength 5 which significantly ups its damage in a predominately toughness 4 environment. I think that he is worth taking for that reason alone but more likely as a secondary hero after you have purchased your first Slake-Horn.

Middle of the Road


The Shardspeaker is probably best compared to the Infernal Enrapturess Ally from daemons of Slaanesh for it's Tendrils of Unnatural Smoke Triple. 6" is a long way on a warcry board and being able to sit her on an objective behind one or two Myrmidesh with their Toughness 5 makes for a very hard to shift unit which could be useful in low objective missions. Whilst the Enrapturess does have the same ability on a double, it does cost more then the Shardspeaker, and takes up one of your ally choices so if you wanted to bring a very cheap hero and build around that triple with some interesting ally picks the Shardspeaker is a good option.

Blissbarb Archer High Tempter

The High-Tempter is your second-cheapest hero at only 130 points. It's ranged damage profile is probably one of the better ranged profiles in the game but it's best used for ranged disruption and plinking opponent chaff units over hero-hunting. The Volley of Tearing Blades triple is an interesting combo with the Blissbrew Homonculus, which you are likely to take anyway, but again, the damage is unlikely to threaten bigger units.

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