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Tools for reference and listbuilding. Warcry Statshammer - https://warcry-statshammer.herokuapp.com/ - A tool for calculating and comparing damage outputs for Warhammer Warcry fighters. Warcrier.net - https://warcrier.net/ - Rules compilation including all warbands, bladeborn and bespoke. Card Creator - https://barrysheppard.github.io/warcry-card-creator/ - For all your bespoke reference card needs. Mission Shuffler - https://warcry.zuckerrausch.de/ - Quick random mission generation. Fighter Card Repository - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZkGdmvs-9ssg2OB0Vq22Yfg6E6ZsNzZTNUJ8xi6ixVo/htmlview YouTube for tactics, product reviews, listbuilding, tournament and meta commentary. (Dont forget to like and Subscribe if you want people to keep making great content) Off Meta Musings - https://www.youtube.com/@OffMetaMusings TheSaltySea - https://www.youtube.com/@thesaltyseagames Dayton Warcry Club - https://www.youtube.com/@DaytonWarcryClub Optimal Gamestate - https://www.youtube.com/@optimalgamestate Hobby Jackal - https://www.youtube.com/@HobbyJackal Tabletop and Beyond - https://www.youtube.com/@tabletopandbeyond Warhames On Toast - https://www.youtube.com/@wargamesontoast1431 Cinderfall Gaming - https://www.youtube.com/@CinderfallGaming Blogs for if you like the written word. Off Meta Musings - https://www.offmetamusings.com/ Overthinking Warcry - https://overthinkingwarcry.com/ Optimal Gamestate - https://optimalgamestate.com/ Podcasts not on YouTube Dogs of Warcry - https://www.themortalrealms.com/dogs-of-warcry Tools for Content Creators and others who might be interested in such things. https://github.com/krisling049/warcry_data
Fighter (and ability) data with a focus on community-audited correctness. Community maintenance should help with keeping it up-to-date and error-spotting.

Off Meta Musings, The Salty Sea, Dayton Warcry Club, Optimal Game State and Hobby Jackal

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Tabletop and Beyond and Wargames on Toast

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