Slaanesh Sybarite Fighters in Warcry 2.0

Here is the second of a two part series on using and list-building with Slaanesh Sybarites in your games of Warcry with help from our special guest this week Lyla, or Mamma Slaanesh if you frequent the Warcry Discord. We continue with a dive into the faction fighters themselves, what's good, what's not so good, and what you want to be taking.

The Best in Show

These are the best of the best. Either by being the most points efficient, cheapest or good all rounders, you can't go wrong picking any of the fighters mentioned here.

Slaangor Fiendblood

Your heaviest hitters. They are very mobile with the 6" move, 2" range and the same Slaves to Impulse free move double that the Slakehorn has. Ideally you will want one or two of these combined with the slakehorn in your warband which will make for a mobile, hard-hitting core.

Blissbrew Homonculus

Your cheapest fighter and only real “chaff” option. It also combos with blissbarb archers but otherwise is a great way to go if you want to chaff swarm for reactions or just need to fill out some points.

Symbaresh Twinsouls

The Twinsoul with blades is the most damage efficient fighters out of the Symbaresh whereas the Twinsoul with lash, whilst not having as much raw damage thanks to the strength 3, makes up for it with the 3" range allowing the fighter to stay well out of harm's way and still attack anything in a 6" wide bubble on the battlefield. 

Myrmidesh or Symbaresh?

Myrmidesh pros

  • High toughness makes them great with counter and the double brings their damage higher than the Slaangors. Cheapest midrange option for the warband.

Myrmidesh cons

  • Low strength makes them vulnerable to counter and other reactions that punish misses.
Symbaresh pros

  • More weapon profiles to choose from. Cleaver, Lash, and Blades.
  • Lash is best supportive, Cleaver has high strength, Blades has average strength with more attacks. Blades and Cleaver both have > 3 strength. Lash has 3 str but at least has 3” range.
  • Quad is really going to appeal to a certain type of player.

Symbaresh cons

  • Average toughness at 4.
  • All 3 cost more points than Myrmidesh. Strictly competitively speaking, quad isn’t very good.
  • Very unreliable both for being a quad and return on investment.

I like Myrmidesh personally, but that doesn’t mean Symbaresh are bad!

Myrmidesh – Dance of the Wailing Blade vs Onslaught

If you only get to attack once, use Dance of the Wailing Blade due to it only working on the next attack action. If you can attack twice always use Onslaught for more damage overall.

Cavalry Bad?

Non-heavy Cavalry isn’t very good in warcry. They pay a premium for the high movement but dont have the damage or survivability of their heavier counterparts. Because of this, the Slaanesh Sybarite fast cavalry is generally outshined by other fighters in their price range such as the Slaangor.

Blissbarb Seeker

The community seems split on fast archers. Some really like models like this that can dash around the board providing ranged support. I find diminishing returns when you have range + high movespeed. Especially since you can no longer shoot into melee. If you want this option, its better to take the leader due to its all round better stats.

Slickblade Seeker

Best non-leader cavalry option, with a solid midrange statline that will outspeed most other fighters in its weight class. Is not the most flighty but is only slightly below average and has the damage on impact triple. 3 toughness not particularly survivable, and mounted is a drawback due to not being able to climb terrain.

Archers Worse?

Like the fast cavalry, ranged fighters pay for their maximum range despite the generally low damage of their attacks. They do have a combo with the Blissbrew Homonculus to give their next attack action more attack dice but it is generally not worth investing alot of points into it in our opinion.

The Dread Pageant

tl;dr Take slakeslash. Its got a higher damage output then the slakehorn, slightly less wounds but otherwise has everything you would want.

If you wanted a Myrmidesh painmaster with none of the downsides (m5 vs m4, higher crit damage, more range and more wounds but for 50 points more) then Vassilac is a very good choice. Vassilac gets the most out of the dance of the wailing blade double boosting to 3/6 damage and an average DPA of 9 which is very good.

For a few more points though you get a Lord of Pain who is doing the same damage with no dice so you would only really want to take this if you really valued that extra move and toughness (which admittedly can be useful in some situations).

If you were taking a high tempter for the blissbrew homunculus combo; its always going to be better to take Hadzu due to not having the hero runemark, having the same damage profile, and being 20 points cheaper.

I don’t think that Glisette is worth bringing over a simple myrmidesh painbringer due to the t3 and less wounds.

Allies and Monsters

We have the usual Chaos suspects here: Varanguard and Mindstealer – fast stuff that can counter the general foot speed of the warband. The warband itself is in the interesting spot that they don’t actually need any more damage if building around the Slaangor but would look for something to reach out and grab objectives, provide disruption and deal with opposing chaff units over doing raw damage so this may be where the Blissbringer would come in handy. It can get more attacks, boost the damage of its own, and has a reliable net on a double whilst being a respectable 8” move for not a lot of points so its definitely somewhere that I would look for a start.

Infernal Enrapturess

A little more expensive than Shardspeaker, but does her job better. Possibly better fit in this warband than in Daemons, since Myrmidesh match her speed better than speedy daemons.

Sample List

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