THE NEW 2024 WARCRY TIER LIST! Winners and Losers of The Spring Update ft. Wargames on Toast

Here we go! A tierlist from two guys who famously hate tierlists, brought to you very much like a couple of nerds in the pub talking about who would win out of Nagash and Archaon (again).

The new WarCry errata is upon us so Wargames on Toast and I decided to take a look at all the factions in the game and try to figure out where they are likely to place in the upcoming competitive meta. We both feel like WarCry as a game doesn't suit tierlists all that well but as a bit of fun we put our heads together to put something together. For a full explanation of each of the factions and why they went where they are (and I really urge you to do that... there are some interesting Hot Takes in there) you can check out the full video here:

If you are just here for a list of faction names though then you are in the right place! A word of warning about taking pretty much anything here as gospel; This is largely based on the kinds of lists that we think will do well in the upcoming competitive meta based on where the Spring 2024 update is pushing us but of course we love to be surprised!

S Tier

Iron Golems

Horns of Hashut

A Tier


Khorne Mortals

Rotmire Creed

Ossiarch Bonereapers

Vylkyn Flameseekers


Hunters of Huanchi

B Tier

Cities of Sigmar: Castelite Hosts



Scions of the Flame

Order of Azyr


Slaanesh Mortals

Soulblight Gravelords

Nurgle Daemons

Questor Soulsworn

Ogor Mawtribes

Spire Tyrants

Lumineth Realmlords

Slaves to Darkness

Royal Beastflayers

Kharadron Overlords

Kruleboyz Monsta-Killaz

Wildercorps Hunters

C Tier


Stormcast Eternals: Thunderstrike

The Unmade


Splintered Fang

Jade Obelisk

Darkoath Savages

Cities of Sigmar: Disposessed

Khainite Shadowstalkers

Tzeentch Mortals

Night Goblins

Untamed Beasts

Disciples of Khaine

Tzeentch Daemons

Tarantulos Brood

Gorger Mawpack

Yildran Riverblades

Flesh Eater Courts

Chaos Legionnaires

Nurgle Mortals

Cities of Sigmar: Darkling Covens

Corvus Cabal

D Tier

Cypher Lords

The Blacktalons

Claws of Karanak


Idoneth Deepkin

Slaanesh Daemons

Khorne Daemons

Askurgan Trueblades

Savage Orruks

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