One Hundred Thousand Visitors!

Hello everybody and welcome back to OffMetaMusings!

When I started this project back in July of 2019 it was essentially a response to a bit of a fix that I found myself in life. I was bored with the hum-drum of daily routine, doing a relatively easy but wholly unsatisfying job where my thoughts and opinions seemed not to be taken seriously and on the hobby side, feeling like my experiences and viewpoints were not being heard by the communities that I was part of. OffMetaMusings was born out of a desire to share my opinions with the community and more importantly flex my creative muscles which it seems were left by the wayside after leaving university all those years ago for gainful employment.

To be honest I was happy just throwing my ideas out there into the void that is the internet, not really caring if ten or one hundred people actually read or took notice of what I was producing; Not that I expected there were a hundred people even interested in what I had to say. Fastforward to 2022 and I've passed over one hundred thousand unique pageviews on my website, and have a budding community growing over on Twitch. It really is thanks to the people who are actually reading my content that everything has been possible so I'm going to take this time to talk a little about what I've been up to and what I'm going to be putting out in the future.

Twitch and YouTube

Find me at and OffMetaMusings Live on YouTube.

Probably the biggest development is that I've now started streaming on Twitch. It was something that I've been thinking about doing for a while and also something that a few friends suggested I might be good at so now that I've got "good" internet i have taken the plunge. The links have been up on the site for a couple of months now but I've reached affiliate status (It turns out that some people actually like the content that I'm putting out there as well) so I plan to try and step it up. I've got a decent back-catalog of games that I have always meant to play but never got around to so this seems like a good opportunity to get through them. You can find me streaming most Tuesdays to Thursdays from 1pm to 4pm UK time.

All of my streams are archived on my shiny new YouTube channel so if you miss anything you can head over there. I've got some playthroughs uploaded already of The Pathless, Journey and Outer Wilds so if that floats your boat please go ahead and take a look.

A tale of Many Gamers, more Killteam, Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000

Gotta get in on that sweet 1996 action.

On the hobby side of things I am happy to reveal that a bunch of friends and I will be doing a tale of many gamers. A Tale of Four Gamers started in White Dwarf during the stewardship of Paul “Fat Bloke” Sawyer as editor. The series followed the exploits of four gamers building Warhammer: Fantasy armies over the course of several months. We will be looking to replicate some of that magic for our own hobby and hopefully see if our endeavours were worth it in a couple of tournaments later in the year. Talking about tournaments, I have a Killteam event with accompanying tournament report coming up in June where I'll see if I can replicate my earlier successes (something I highly doubt given that I haven't been able to play all that much this year so far) and I plan once the Nighthaunt book is released for AoS to revisit the army featured in my very first article for the site and probably put out a review of the book itself.

The Emerald Legacy Project for L5R

Artwork for the new card Lay of the Land from our very talented team of volunteers.

Those of you who have been following the The Emerald Legacy Project might notice that my name was on the back of the cover card of Through the Mists as a playtester. This is still an ongoing project on our part but I do plan to come back to writing about Legend of the Five Rings with a little insight on how I have been using the cards and what my journey as a playtester has been like thus far. In the meanwhile I've been uploading EL games to YouTube so you can head over there to take a look.

All this is coming and much more planned going into next year but nothing has been possible without everyone's encouragement and engagement so a big thank you to my readers and watchers and here's looking towards a bright 2022 and beyond.

Until next time!

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