Off-Meta Check - The London Legion Online Tournament 2. Bigger Then A Grand Kotei Edition

Over here in the UK we have been advised that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we should all be sitting at home in self isolation. Normally this means that most L5R events planned for the next few weeks have been cancelled so at the London Legion we thought that it might be a good idea to run an event played on Jigoku over one day in real time.

With the success of the first London Legion Online Tournament we are back with our second event, this time with 2 day 1s and a day 2 top cut; One day 1 each for EU and the other for the US due to the time zones with the top 4 or 8 of each of these depending on the player count going through to day 2. Both pack 2 of the Dominion Cycle and the latest banlists/errata are legal for this event so we should see some interesting decks on display.

Again a big shout out to our TO Finbarr (Steelfur) who has tirelessly been releasing videos walking through how the event works and also a follow up on actually playing on Jigoku (because there are a fair few people who mainly play face to face) over on his channel HERE. He is the driving force behind these events in the first place and is an active member of the community so please check out his work and give your support.

You will be able to find streams of some of the games over on Finbarr's Twitch and Youtube channels HERE and HERE.

The events can be found over at The Lotus Pavilion HERE and HERE.

Current attendance figures are shown below. This post will be updated as the event goes on with win rates, the top cut and other information as it comes in.

European Day 1. 43 Players

Lots of Dragon players this time round. Possibly something to do with Void Fist coming off the restricted list or maybe just because monks are cool.

US Day 1. 25 Players

The numbers for US games are slightly off due to the number of drops from the event during the day but the 48 games played during the day is still a decent sample size.

Day 1. Overall Win Rates

Statistics from the 146 games played during both day 1s.

Top 16

After a tense Dragon-off in the finals we have our winner! Congratulations Stefanos Michalakis!

Top 16 Decklists

Stefanos Michalakis– Dragon
Luke – Dragon
Borja Collantes – Crab
Pablo Casares – Crane

Pablo Pintor – Crab
Mozi – Crab
Chris D'Agostino – Scorpion
Evan – Phoenix

Darren Hazeldon – Crab
Villabriga – Scorpion
JJ Kun – Phoenix
Christian A Naesseth – Unicorn

Osan – Crane
Ryan – Crane
Aniel Seetharam – Dragon
Connor Gianoli– Crab

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